Whirlpool bath

Room for the whole family with a view on the water!

This quaint little apartment, furnished in Venetian décor, is located approximately 150 meters off the main hotel building, with which it shares services. The building sits in a little square, overlooking the Rio della Pietà canal as well as a small garden, and is very big (about 85 square meters), with two rooms, two separate bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. It has all the room a family might need, plus all the services of a four star hotel.

65 square meters of pure splendor, with a private terrace overlooking the Rio dei Greci canal as well as a partial view over Saint Mark’s Basin.

The Superior Suite is one of the most elegant rooms in the house, beautifully furnished and polished. The best kind of accommodations for a family trip (thanks to the two separate bathrooms, each with its own whirlpool tub) or for treating yourself to a bigger room with a wonderful view.

A wonderful treat of Venetian style and comfort, with a 15 square meter terrace overlooking Saint Mark’s Basin. The Junior Suite Superior is a beautiful stage over the city that may frame a tasty morning breakfast, a spot of wine among friends, or just a relaxing book after a long day spent exploring Venice. The wide indoor space (about 35 square meters) makes this room perfect for a family trip. The bathroom sports a whirlpool tub.

Venetian elegance, silence, and a view over the inner courtyard. This room is about 35 square meters in width – big enough for as many as three adults – and extremely quiet.  The bathroom is fitted with a whirlpool tub.

Positioned on the side of the building that directly overlooks Saint Mark’s Basin, these are the rooms with the best view in the house. It Is, quite literally, a view on history: from any given angle, the visitor can see as many as five historical churches, spanning six centuries of Venetian culture.

Furnished in Venetian style, some are big enough as to host up to four adults. Bathrooms come with either whirlpool bathtubs, or showers.

Do not let the name fool you: our Standard rooms are nothing but ordinary! Furnished in Venetian style, each room has its own quirks and vagaries, and some may have two different views. Some of these rooms overlook the Rio dei Greci side canal, measure between 16 and 18 square meters, and are fitted with showers in the bathrooms; others overlook an inner courtyard, measure approximately 25 square meters, and are provided with whirlpool bathtubs. When booking, the traveler may choose between a better view, or a higher degree of comfort.