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The 3rd and 4th of February will be the official opening of the Carnival of Venice: In Piazza San Marco begin the festivities with the flight of the Angel and the Feast of the Marie. On February 8, fat Thursday, we will present the event "The Ballad of Masks" with the beheading of the bull. The 10th and the 11th February will be held the final stage of the competition for the most beautiful mask and also you can watch the flight of the Eagle in addition to various musical concerts. Mardi Gras, on February 13th will be held the «Svolo del Leon» and the proclamation of the Maria of Carnival 2018. For the duration of the carnival there will be daily events of the competition for the most beautiful mask, with the most beautiful costumes, cultural events and night visits to the main museums and places of culture in the city, exhibitions, theatrical reading, etc. DJ set.

The Marie Festival is inaugurated this year  on Saturday, February 3, the girls were chosen on January 28 at Ca ' Vendrami Calergi by a technical jury and will make their debut in public wearing the traditional costumes of the Atelier Pietro Longhi on February 3, 2018 Becoming... the most beautiful maiden of the Carnival of Venice. The winner will be crowned Maria of the year in Piazza S. Marco by the Doge, at the end of a water procession departing from San Giacomo dall’ Orio. The event evokes in a modern key the abduction and liberation of twelve brides ' promises at the time of the Doge Pietro Candiao III (1039). At the beginning of the 9th century on February 2 of each year, the day of the purification of Mary, the twelve most beautiful maidens of the people chosen to represent the city gathered together with their betrothed in the Church of S. Pietro di Castello, to receive the Wedding bless.

The Fly of the Angel in one om the most awaited events in Venice, it will take part on February 4 from 12 to 1 pm in Saint Mark’s Square, the protagonist will be Elisa Costantini, winner of the Marie prize in 2017, she’ ll wear a dress by Atelier Stefano Nicolao, an emotional and spectacular fly from the top on The Saint mark’s bell tower down to the middle of the square , where  a multitude of figurants,  dressed with traditional costumes will welcome the angel in a tension release huge clasp by the Doge himself and the public procession.

The Doge procession is by care of C.E.R.S. – European Consortia of Historical revoke, with the participation of the International Association for the Venetian Carnival, Association Friends of the Carnival of Venice and the historical group The Masks of Mario of the Venetian 700.

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