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The Redeemer feast 2014

The “Redeemer celebration dayfesta del Redentore, is one of the most important events of the city of Venice, which harmonize the religious aspect and the spectacular one, at the apex of which we find the fantastic pyrotechnic event on the night of July 19, 2014, which involves the whole population, and thousands of visitors! The stage of fires is the Saint Mark's basin: light games and colour, between spires, domes and bell towers light up Venice in its glory! Tradition want that the population  since dusk ship in the basin of San Mark and the Giudecca Canal with decorated and lighted boats, ready to celebrate all together, and to act as a backdrop to a Venice as you never saw!


The feast of the Redeemer was founded in memory of a terrible plague that hit Venice in 1577, at the end of which was built on the island of Giudecca, a Palladian church named “ Redeemer” as a celebrating thanksgiving. On the occasion of this anniversary, so felt by the population of Venice and the many lovers of Venice, the Church is on a pilgrimage through an impressive bridge of boats along 330 meters joining the Zattere to Giudecca Island, carried out exceptionally during the celebrations on the Giudecca Canal. The celebrations include a solemn function of the Patriarch and a gondolas Regatta!


But the spectacular event there will be on July 19, 2014 with the beautiful Fireworks! Would you like to spend an unforgettable evening: dinner with local specialities, music and a front row seat for the Fireworks? Book dinner of the Redeemer in the panoramic terrace of hotel Locanda Vivaldi, your view over Saint Mark's basin. You'll have a front row seat to enjoy the Fireworks, away from the bustle, in a refined and edited! For more information, contact us at +39.041.2770477 or write to, all the staff at Locanda Vivaldi will be at your disposal for any questions or special request!

How to reach us

In the most central part of the city and overlooking from its front the Basin of St Mark and only a short walk away from the Square. 

It is easily reachable thanks to the public transport that stop only few meters away from the entrance and also thanks to the private docking that we have, if you arrive by taxi.


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