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An “adventure” holiday is certainly something exciting that can give you wonderful surprises, but if things turn out bad, can become a nightmare. All is connected with fortune! That is why it is better to start with a little preparation and with some more information concerning the city we are going to visit.

Gathering information on Venice is really easy, often amusing. We suggest you to visit Venice-tourism, a small portal that suggests unusual itineraries, an always up-to-date wine selection, a section regarding some small curiosities on the city and much more (also the opportunity to subscribe to their newsletter).

Another interesting web-site is Chorus, the Venice Church Association. Churches in Venice are really a lot, they have always been a point of reference for its inhabitants. Within them there are many Works of Art of inestimable beauty, we suggest you to visit as much as you can!!!

If you’re interested in the culinary aspect of a holiday, instead, you would better contact the AEPE, local association of bars and restaurants. Its trademark is synonym of quality! Within its website , there are various information on services and on the traditions of Venice.

To move within the city is extremely easy. First of all the true Venetian walks, then get yourself some comfortable training shoes! When you feel tired you can get on board of a “battello”, the Venice water-buses!. ACTV is the name of the society that coordinates the public transportation service either for the mainland or the airport (even if the best service to the airport is offered by ATVO, provided with direct buses).

If Venice is just a stop of your trip, and if your trip includes travel by train, then you will need to peep into the "Ferrovie dello stato’s" website. The railway station for Venice is Santa Lucia and it faces the Grand Canal. From here it will be easy to reach all others top destinations of Italy!

The links reported here are displayed in order to help those who are organizing a holiday in Italy or in the world.

For all our French friends looking for various information about Venice, we suggest to visit the web site Vivre Venise. This site gathers different general information over the city, as well as information regarding events of every kind. Another interesting site always inherent to the city of Venice is Photos de Venise, a picture collection that will help you decide which places are most worth visiting. Others information over the city can be looked for in, a portal that gathers information on the whole world (therefore on Venice, too), and on Venice voyage (it contains various information concerning monuments, events, maps, photographs). 


Rome is the eternal city. Capital of Italy, was at the time of the Roman capital of the entire world known and capital of Christian Religion (whose centre is the Vatican). The signs of his thousand-year history are visible in every corner of the city, so that was included in the list of UNESCO heritage of humanity. You can not visit Italy without spending at least a couple of days in the capital!!! The city offers really a lot of things to see, so before leaving for your holiday we suggest you to gather some more information, so to arrange the best that you can your stay in the eternal city.

There are many ways in which you can spend your time in Rome. A cheap accommodation (sometimes!!!) could be an an apartment for rent, or, for the most demanding, an entire Villa!!! Otherwise you may contact the classic hotel, here there are really for every taste and every budget, from the Bed & Breakfast to the most luxurious hotel. If you are demanding persons and your holiday is always “no compromise” then you must go to facilities that are able to satisfy your every request. Certainly it will not be difficult to find some in Rome!!! An example is given by the Silver Hotels, all 4-stars hotels in the heart of the city.

There are really a lot of organized tours!!! The things to see in the city are really a lot (one month wouldn’t be enough!) and can be done in many different ways depending on the budget available. You only have to give a glance to the different proposals.

If you are looking for a comfortable accommodation, close to the main ways of communication of the city, a nice solution could be the Kristi Hotel, a few meters from the railway station, or the Marconi Hotel, this one too close to the station and to the fancy via Veneto. The station is connected with the tube and with the main means of transportation (buses and taxis). It will be easy then to move within the city.

Also in the historical centre there are many hotels that can meet your needs. Right behind Piazza di Spagna lies the Homs Hotel, a 4-star boutique hotel finely restored. The Palatino Hotel lies in the centre, too, a few steps from the Coliseum and from the Imperial Forums. The Coliseum and the Imperial Forums are the evidence of the greatness once achieved by the Roman Empire, that extended throughout Europe, Africa and part of the Middle East.

The hospitality in Rome as in Venice has a thousand-year history because of trades that have been since the spring of the Roman Empire. The skill of services and refinement of the accommodations in the city have thus reached levels that can hardly be reached by other world cities. There are many top-quality hotels, for the happiness of the lovers of a “no compromise” holiday! Some good solutions could be the 
Stendhal Hotel (a recently open 4-stars hotel), as well as the Mascagni Hotel(just a few steps away from the famous via Veneto and Piazza Barberini) and Villa Morgagni, a Villa finely restored, far from confusion and from the historical centre, well served by public means of transportation. Also the Hotel Nazionale is an excellent 4-star hotel in the historical center of Rome.

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In the most central part of the city and overlooking from its front the Basin of St Mark and only a short walk away from the Square. 

It is easily reachable thanks to the public transport that stop only few meters away from the entrance and also thanks to the private docking that we have, if you arrive by taxi.


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